Icons: 55 Actresses/Lost/Misc

Blaah, I have to go to school again tomorrow:'( But it has been a good and long Easter Holiday, and we even got snow!:D

It's been too long since I posted icons, but here are some, and I hope you like them!:)
Most of them are icontest or lims entries..

By the way, I've got some more awards here (the bottom 6) :D *YAY*
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Tutorial List!

I have made none of these tutorials myself
(except the two last ones)

They are all just here for my and your inspiration, and easy access:)
Thanks a lot to all the wonderful artists who made all of these tuts! You are all so talented!
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Icons: 90 lost/icontest

God, I hate that we have only a few episodes of lost left until we get an other superlicious break! o__O I won't even start..

Wow, I didn't know posting an iconpost could be that exhausting:P I guess I should run off to bed soon, and get my poor dog to bed too XP
Well, some of my most recent icons for ya here, I hope you like them!
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