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I'm on a hiatus now, and I don't know when/whether I'll be back, so I'm NOT adding atm, sorry!

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54 Contest icons:)

Well, most of these are just my latest contest icons, some are images from contests I didn't enter:P
I haven't got much inspiration to make whole icon batches, textures are more interesing then^^

[header] - America's Next Top Model
[01-10] - Scarlett Johansson
[11-14] - Jennifer Aniston
[15-29] - Emilie De Ravin
[30-50] - Random Actresses / Cats / 1 Sawyer
[51-54] - Charlize Theron

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Textures: Handpainted

Well, I was kinda bored today, so I decided to paint;) I scanned the paintings into my computer and my photoshop, played around a bit, and got these^^
This is my.. 25th batch of textures!:D

(Click the image for .zip download at my deviantart)

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♥ Please credit
♥ No editing or claiming as your own
♥ Feel free to friend me if you like my work:)
♥ Be creative and enjoy!:D
Cat & dog

Textures: REQUESTED HANDWRITTEN + "lightened flowers"

Well, this is also my 23rd and 24th batch of textures:D
Here are the finished requested handwritten textures for silver881, iheartnickcath, master_kogane, goddess_loki, pastelpiggy, zed_pm, rayne_comms and tilly_07:D
They are shareable of course though!:)
I hope this is what you all had in mind, and that I didn't forget anything!
I have also made some flower texture thingies, I love to experiment^^

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